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Retford Vet Clinic are now located at Keiron Park
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Keiron Park is a newly established agistment and spelling property in the Southern Highlands. We cater for all horse age groups with short and long term agistment available. We offer a modern stabling facility and over 170 acres of beautiful grazing paddocks. Keiron Park has magnificent lush pasture and first class fencing. All horses are handled by experienced staff in a safe and horse friendly environment. Your horse will be carefully monitored according to individual requirements.

The picturesque park like countryside of Bowral is well known for its rich soil and fabulous climate, ideal prerequisites for horses to grow and develop to the best of their ability.

Many kilometres of new fencing has been installed creating large agistment paddocks, pre foaling paddocks, foaling paddocks. This ensures a safe environment for your horses. Our fencing system is designed to minimise injuries and secure the horses’ safety. The fences are designed to flex under severe impact absorbing the energy of a horse at  full

gallop and prevents injuries caused by traditional fencing materials. Our fences are both a physical barrier and a psychological deterrent, strong, resilient and highly visible to horses. We use a conductive sighter wire which is about the thickness of a pencil and all 5 wires are electric. If a horse gets a leg over it or runs into it, they don’t get any cuts, all it does is pull a few insulators off.

Keiron Park can provide agistment for your spelling horse, mare, mare and foal, weanlings and yearlings. We provide a high level of care and offer a complete range of quality services. Facilites are also provided for injured horses and those requiring rehabilitation aftercare from surgical operations.

Keiron Park offers individual feeding programs for each horse: two hard feeds per day. We have smaller paddocks which are 1-2 acres in size, complete with a personal shelter and automatic watering great for a speller with specific needs. And larger shared paddocks; your horse is placed in a

Spelling & Agistment Facilities

Spelling & Agistment

5-10 acres paddock, with approximately 3-4 other horses, all assessed as being suitable for this type of turn out – ensuring a relaxed environment – ideal for spellers. Horses are monitored daily and we have pasture improvements going on all the time so that youngsters grow up with the very best vitamins and nutrients.

The pasture and soil is tested regularly and maintained through strategically timed rotation, harrowing, worming and cross grazing with cattle. We don’t overgraze the paddocks and we rotate them constantly. Extensive pasture improvements have been undertaken and continue under the management of consulting agronomists.

The services offered by the highly dedicated professionals associated with the stud, together with the quality feed and facilities assures our owners the perfect environment and the best of care and individual attention for their horses.

We are a working stud farm with the safety and happiness of the horses our primary goal.