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Retford Vet Clinic are now located at Keiron Park
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Foaling Down

Keiron Park is the ideal seasonal or permanent base for your broodmare. Mares close to foaling are monitored 24 hours a day and are fitted with foaling alarms. Boxes are available at all times and mares and foals can be stabled in case of inclement weather, or if otherwise necessary. These boxes were purpose built for the agistment of broodmares and to facilitate foaling down and weaning in the safest possible conditions. The boxes are fitted with closed circuit television so we can monitor your mare before foaling and to keep an eye on them after foaling and it allows us to monitor at a safe distance without disturbing them.

We provide individual foaling attention, meeting each mare’s requirements in individual grass yards, under floodlights with experienced professional staff. We provide around the clock care with attention to detail and nurturing in those vital early stages of life.

We have also built a new mare and foal crush to ensure the safe handling of all broodmares and foals during all veterinary procedures. Our experienced Veterinary Surgeons are always on call.



We are able to offer our permanent boarders a complete weaning and education program for foals.

Our weaning process includes daily handling branding DNA testing, halter and lead training, washing and rugging.

 Yearling Prep

The goal of yearling sale preparation is to present an attractive horse that has a racehorse look about it. Keiron Park prepares yearlings so they are well behaved and in peak condition. We believe yearling prep is crucial to the future prosperity and ongoing career of any racehorse. Each yearling is carefully monitored during the preparation process to ensure that they reach their maximum sales potential and are given every opportunity of succeeding where it counts – on the race track.

We offer a 10-12 week cycle of grooming, walking and correct feeding. All horses are fed according to their individual requirements. The yearlings are exercised to ensure they mature with a strong and toned topline. Leading trainers are calling for yearlings to be in an athletic condition that is “ready to run”.

Our staff specialise in the preparation of horses and have a reputation for turning out great looking well-mannered horses.


Rates & Services

Rates & Services

Rates as of 1/6/15

 all prices include GST

Racehorse Spelling (Group Paddock)

                                           Per Day      $33.00

Horse in individual paddock

(Limited availability)             Per Day      $38.50

Horse in stabled box              Per Day      $44.00

Mare and Foal                       Per Day      $38.50

Mare in foal                          Per Day      $36.30

Dry Mare                               Per Day      $33.00

Mare boxed under lights        Per Day      $49.50

Weanlings and Yearlings        Per Day      $28.60

Yearling Preparation             Per Day       $77.00

Weanling Preparation           Per Day       $77.00

*The above services all include 2 hard feeds per day

Foaling down fee                                 $660.00

Halter Breaking/Weaning                     $495.00

Oral worming                                      At Cost

Farrier                                                At Cost

  •  All horses will be wormed on arrival at Keiron Park.
  • All external expenses are invoiced at cost.
  • All Veterinary fees, medications and dressings are charged to owner.
  • All horses are checked twice a day.
  • Access to dental, chiropractic and veterinary care 24hrs a day.
  • An agistment contract must be signed before the horse arrives onto the property.